We are a well-known leading company  dealing with public and commercial catering.
We rooted our presence in the national territory, thanks to our 25 year-old experience and to the continuous search for innovation, we still continue to give an important contribution to the evolution of the catering area.

The distinctive features of “Made in All Foods” catering are the respect of local culinary traditions, the genuineness of ingredients and a high quality service.
All these factors express a different way of doing catering: a choice which melts innovation and tradition.


We help people feeling well, bringing in their life health and well-being.


We are responsible members of the market, with the right commitment in promoting development and transparency of our work, for the benefit of local realities.
We provide valuable products which can improve people life, since today and for generations to come.
We offer our customers innovative services, thanks to the contribution of all workers. Our employees are the ones who keep our values alive, improving our customers quality of life.
The focus of our daily commitment is the customer. Trust is due to deep knowledge and long lasting loyalty, two features that make up the relationship with our customers, trying to meet their needs, key element of our work.