We carry out a catering model based on nutrition education and on the customers’ nutritional wellbeing, in compliance with the main points of the Mediterranean diet, ratified in 2010 by Unesco as “Intangible Heritage of Humanity”.

According to the definition proposed by WHO and FAO, nutritional education is an information and an education process, through which we can pursue the general improvement of the nutritional status of individuals.. The promotion of correct eating and healthy life habits is closely linked to the knowledge of the current eating culture of the population.
Thanks to our own Research Department and to the cooperation with food consultants, we promote “nutrition education programs”, aimed to adults and children.

Special Diets We provide nutritionally balanced menus, that are revised according to costumers needs.  Today, living in a multi-ethnic society, with a growing number of people affected by food intolerances and allergies, and with specific diets linked to a particular health status, we need to know deeply users needs. That is why we offer many formative meetings, performed by food association and organization, dedicated to our operational staff, in order to ensure the widest knowledge of the issues related to the nutritional needs.

Therefore, we can provide special diets depending on religion, ethnicity, allergies, intolerances and heath status (for example, in case of hospital catering).